Entomo Machine

Jonathan West

Since obtaining my degree in mechanical engineering, from the University of California at Irvine, I have spent most of my career in a mix of industrial construction and manufacturing development. In 1996 I stumbled upon a most remarkable event called Burning Man. This event forever changed my life and inspired me to combine my education in engineering and fascination of manufacturing with my passion for art. Examples of my artwork can been seen in the book, Jewlery of Burning Man.

On the Black Rock Desert – home to the Burning Man Project – I am known by many as Entomo. The name Entomo was derived from a functional art piece that I created to bring to the Burning Man Project nearly a decade ago. The art work was a shower and water filtration system designed to look like a very large insect, hence the name Entomo – short for Entomology - the study of insects. Entomo, the art work shower system, has been featured on the cover of The Black Rock Gazette, a daily newspaper at the Burning Man event. Entomo has also been acknowledged by the environmental organization, The Earth Guardians , as an exemplary study of the principles of LNT (leave no trace). My shower system can also be seen and read about in the book, The Outdoor Shower, by Ethan Fierro.

While I called my shower creation “Entomo”, friends and camp mates began calling me Entomo, and thus to distinguish myself I renamed the shower creation the “Entomo Machine”. Now I have begun a new creation in functional art in the form of an electric vehicle modeled in the Steam Punk genre. This too will be known as Entomo Machine – the mutant vehicle (click here to see more on the progress of this new creation).

- Jonathan West