Entomo Machine

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Entomo Machine

-The Mutant Vehicle-

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Entomo Machine, “The Mutant Vehicle”, was originally a 2000 electric golf cart. The cart was stripped to its frame where most of the steel framework was replaced with weight saving aluminum. The vehicle was also stretched the cart from 7 feet to 10 feet in length.

The steering column was dropped and extended to the back right of the vehicle. Using a chain drive gear system, steering was moved vertically upward where a ships wheel is now used to steer the vehicle. Control system were modified, mutated and relocated to fit into the new shape the vehicle has taken.

To handle the load of the anticipated number of passengers (6-8) the motor has been upgraded from a 72v - 5hp motor to 7.5hp. For added stopping power hydraulic brakes are fitted on all wheels.

A dc-dc converter provides auxiliary 9v, 12v and 24v DC power and 110V for:

  1. A 12v on-demand pump that pumps water to mist system placed overhead.
  2. LED headlights.
  3. 12V sound system
  4. 200ea LED Black Lights
  5. 400ea RGB LED’s on multicolor fade controller
  6. 200ft of EL Wire powered by an 8-channel programmable sequencer
  7. 12v accent lanterns

Entomo Machine’s batteries are recharged at home (or camp) by 4-200 watt solar panels. Charging time takes about 4 hours for every 1 hours of drive time.

The driver and 1-2 passengers sit in the rear on a Victorian love seat while another 4-6 sit back-to-back ahead of the driver on a restored/modified Victorian fainting couch and face perpendicular to the direction of travel.

As a tribute to many much loved “Theme Camps” that can be found at Burning Man (such as: Opulent Temple, Hippocampus, Gigsville, Camp Gallavant, Stag Camp, Deviant Playground, Apokiliptica, and Gedi Prime) I have made 8” tall aluminum versions of previously created 1.5” brass medallions. These will adorn the perimeter of Entomo Machine. They are coated will a clear UV sensitive material. Strategically placed LED black lights give them a brilliant multicolor nocturnal glow that can be seen for quite a distance.

Entomo Machine exhibits a steam punk genre or influence. It portrays the simple elegance of our past and, while somewhat self indulgent, I hope it encompasses a glimpse of the energy efficiency that must be our future.

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